Lawn Mower FAQs

Turf and Lawn Mower Frequently Asked Questions

Considering a John Deere lawn tractor, riding lawn mower or zero-turn lawn mower but still have some lingering questions? Our turf and lawn care experts at Smith Implements will answer anything your throw at them. Check out the customer questions we've answered below or contact us with additional questions and we'll post your response here!

I want a zero-turn mower but my wife does the yard work. Would she be able to operate one and feel comfortable using it?

Yes, with a little bit of getting comfortable with this type of machine the positives will out-weigh the negatives.

Do you offer free delivery?

Yes, we do charge for delivery.

Are all mowers under warranty serviced here or somewhere else?

We do all our own warranty work at our locations.

Can I get the same attachments for a Zero-Turn as I would with a tractor type mower?

Zero-turns have a limited amount of attachments. Tractor type attachments do not work on zero-turns.

Does John Deere manufacture the mowers sold at Lowes?

Yes, all lawn mowers with the John Deere name are manufactured by John Deere.

What does PowerGard warranty mean?

It is a warranty extension that covers the machine after the basic warranty has ended.

If I purchase a machine from one store, where can I call for service?

Any of our locations will glad to take care of your machine.

Who do you use for financing?

We use John Deere credit first other options are available.

What type of maintenance plans are available if I make a purchase?

We have a wide selection of Performance Edge packages to cover your needs.

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